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Onyx Nail Bar is here to show you the true meaning of what an absolutely FABULOUS spa day retreat feels like. Unlike any other spa you have ever been to, we gaurantee you've never experienced anything like this. At Onyx Nail Bar, from the moment you step through our door to the moment you check in on Facebook and take that selfie, we find pride in delivering exceptional customer service and delivering the most unqiue and luxurious experience for all of our guests but not only that, we take pride in making sure that you get the proper, individual attention that you deserve! Take some time away from the hectic life and find time for you again. Come in and enjoy a variety of lush and soothing services at affordable prices and feel rejuvenated again! We welcome all to book an appointment. Our clients mean everything to us and that's why they always come walking back in for more!

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Store Hours

Store Hours

Day Store Hours
Monday 10:30am - 7:30pm
Tuesday 10:30am - 7:30pm
Wednesday 10:00am - 7:30pm
Thursday 10:00am - 7:30pm
Friday 10:00am - 7:30pm
Saturday 10:00am - 7:00pm
Sunday 12:00pm - 5:30pm

Store Hours


Our Services

Our mission is to provide a luxury spa service to clients and make them feel FABULOUS everyday.

Manicure Bar

Manicure Straight up Cuticle cut, trim your nails and dash little massage, ending with polish
Mani on the beach Exfoliated with Sunkist scrub & real orange. Refreshing mask & hot towels for softening of your feet. Paraffin, neck and shoulder massage included!
Cucumber-Mani Exfoliated with cucumber scrub. Mask, hot towels, Paraffin then a relax neck & shoulder massage.
Double shot - Onyx Signature Soak your hand in milk and exfoliate with scrub & real honey. Wrap your arms with mask and hot towels. Finally, paraffin with neck and shoulder massage. Spoil me !!
Detox-mani - 100% Pure Indian Healing Clay Exfoliation with scrub, wrap your arms with mask & hot towls and hot stone. Finally, paraffin with neck and shoulder massage.
Organic-mani Natural extracts to gently exfoliate your hands. Smoothing mask with hot towels & paraffin and hot stone paraben free *certified organic*
Green Tea Soak your hands in green tea. Exfoliated with green tea scrub, a tension-relieving mask and hot towels are applied for ultimate hydration. Neck & shoulder massage and paraffin treatment and hot stone. A perfect ending...
Lavender Lavender hand scrub. Smoothing lavender butter mask wrap with hot towels, paraffin, then a relax neck & shoulder massage.

Pedicure Bar

Pedicure Bar

Pedi Straight up Cuticle cut, trim your toes and dash little massage, ending with polish
Onyx Pedicure Sugar scrub mandrin with mask and warm towels
Pink Cozmo Pomegranate sugar scrub in a hot towel and paraffin with lengthened massage and callous removal included.
Aloe Vera Pedicure Aloe Vera sugar scrub, real Aloe Vera mask and warm towels. Relieve the stress of your choice of paraffin or hot stone massage includes callous removal.
Pedi on the beach Exfoliated with Sunkist scrub & real orange. Refreshing mask & hot towels for softening of your feet. Paraffin & Callous removal and foot massage included.
Cucumber-pedi exfoliated with cucumber scrub. Refreshing with mask & hot towels. Callous removal, paraffin and hot rock foot/leg massage. Extra moisture w/cucumber lotion.
Double shot - Onyx Signature Silky milk & honey Pedi. Soak your feet in milk and real honey along with milk & honey scrub…callous removal, mask and paraffin. Spoil me !!
Detox Pedicure - 100% Pure Indian Healing Clay Detox scrub and mask, paraffin hot stones, and callous removal. A cleanse promoting the healing your skin. Help detoxify and defend against illnesses!.
Organic tropical Pedicure Finally, one simple solution to treat your skin with the anti-aging system. Certified Organic ingredients including mask, hot towels, hot rock massage and paraffin. Luxury for everyone!
Organic Green Tea *Certified Organic* Green tea spa pedi will hydrate and detoxify. Feet are soak in green tea, exfoliated with green tea scrub. A massage with green tea lotion helps reduces calluses and corns. Mask and paraffin will make a moisture feet. Enjoy a longer foot massage.
Organic Lavender Bathe your feet in lavender sea salt. A lavender scented exfoliating scrub with lavender mask & warm towels for remove of dry skin. Callous removal, paraffin and hot Stone foot/legs massage.

Pedicure Bar



Brow Edit 15 minutes
Waxing 15 minutes
Eye Brows Tinting 15 minutes
Eye Lash Tinting 20 minutes

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Inspired by the runway, but living in reality. We give you the confidence and support to be relevant and on-trend.


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